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"Absolutely Reliable Cat Sitting" of Oly & Lacey

Barbara Lorell

Serving kitties
of Olympia
& Lacey!

My 3 Boys

I have two kitties of my own that I love dearly, so I know how important it is to find a pet sitter who not only loves cats, but who is also very dependable - one you can trust with your pets and with your home. I named my business "Absolutely Reliable" because I'm very conscientious, and I take excellent care of my clients' cats!

As your cat sitter, I will provide good-quality, concentrated attention, whether it is brushing, petting, lap time, or playing with favorite toys. Every feline is unique, & I treat each one as the individual that he/she is. It makes a difference when your pet sitter does more than simply feed them & clean the litter box.

Using my service will allow your feline companions to remain in the comfort of their own home, rather than a strange environment, such as a boarding facility. They will be much happier in the hands of a loving and attentive caregiver.

I started my business in 2003. Over the years, I have learned so much and am very tuned in to any medical or health issues that may arise. I am also happy to administer medication, including subcutaneous fluids. Of course, this will depend on how cooperative the patient is!

Please call, or email, to arrange for a free consultation. I like to go over details on the phone before meeting, so be sure to email me your phone number. I look forward to meeting you and your beloved felines!

Depending on location:
$25 for a 45 min. visit (1 to 2 cats).
Higher rates for more cats, more time,
or if out of service area.

Daily visits only. I do not do "every other day."

Estab. in 2003. Insured by
Pet Sitters Associates, LLC.

Me and Tiger

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